Is 2014 the Year You Build That Backyard Storage Space?

By John Voket


No matter what types of tools, equipment, recreational vehicles or sporting gear you own, I believe it's better off in an appropriate storage facility, than cluttering up your spare room, garage or basement.

So we went looking for ideas for inspiration and ran across John Coupe, a Civil Engineer who has worked on structures ranging from major power stations and bridges to houses and even sheds.

Coupe says a shed's planned contents will affect literally everything, from the size of ashed to the construction methods and the materials needed. Here are some ideas he offers about the type of shed you might choose:

A Vertical shed: ideal for a few small tools, a bit of DIY equipment and long handled tools. Coupe says a vertical storage shed is perfect for small backyards as they easily fit into an unused corner or up against an existing building.Some people even put them on a balcony.

Tool shed: if you want to use your shed for storing valuable tools, it's important you incorporate a number of design features that will maximize your storage space.

Motorcycle shed: A motorcycle storage shed needs to have key security features to protect from potential thieves and weather. It also has to be tall enough to to ride your bike inside and be strong enough to support the weight.

Bicycle shed: The main feature of a bike shed should be convenience and security.

Chemical Store: this type of shed should have built in security features to protect the environment, animals, children and yourself from potentially hazardous chemicals or fumes. Design elements such as a precast bundled floor and adequate ventilation are key.

Portable shed: These come in a variety of sizes and will protect motorcycles, gardening equipment and storage boxes from all the elements. They're easy to put up and take down and a great solution for temporary storage.

Lawn mower shed: If you have spent hundreds of pounds on a new lawn mower, having a dry, secure place that you can store and maintain your lawn mower will add years to its life, Coupe says.

In future segments, we'll take a look at some of the finer details involving some of the more ambitious backyard storage solutions for homeowners, so stay tuned!


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